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Great story about a great adventure, June 29, 2011
By Paul of Saint Pete (Saint Pete, FL)

Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon
Syd Jones' Sweat of the Sun Tears of the Moon captivated me like few other books on this subject have. Jones starts with a recollection of a 1976 National Geographic special about Mel Fisher and how that program spurred his move to key West to help join the search for the Atocha. I remember that same National G special and ever since 1976 I've been captivated by this story. Everything I've read on the subject has left me wishing for more of the story. Jones' book fills in the the saga's missing blanks and tells the story I've been waiting for. Bravo!


Outstanding! Once you start this book, you don't want to put it down..., June 27, 2011
By James Bugbee (Honolulu, HI)

Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon
A true 5 STAR read! Outstanding book, so well written that you feel you are there - along on the searches for treasure and other adventures. A great cast of characters, who also happen to be real people that you begin to feel you know personally and care about. Whether diving under the Galleon to make repairs or diving off the Swordfish and probing under the sand for treasure, all the descriptions are so realistic that you can visualize the boats, people, sunsets, everything, so clearly. The photos add spice to the text and further draw you in as a participant in all that is happening. Even for someone who knows nothing about shipwreck salvage and diving for treasure, the book holds your interest and once you start, you don't want to put it down. No matter where your interests are: at sea, in the sky, or on shore, you'll thoroughly enjoy being along for the Atocha Treasure Adventure. Now, Capt. Syd and Capt. KT, what about a follow-on book about your adventures since these?



Mission Accomplished, June 24, 2011
By Douglas Hinton

Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon
A wreck diver for over 57 years, I have known Syd and KT for a long time, mostly on the aviation side of things but I did dive with them once. What struck me most about this book is the tenacity with which they stuck with the Atocha and Margareta projects, considering the financial ups and downs, aspirational downers, personality clashes, administrative foul-ups and super egos involved. I probably would have been long gone. But the daily routines and methodology of diving for sunken treasure is what keeps one turning the pages. They had unshakeable faith in what they were doing and it paid off handsomely in the end. What is also laudable for the non-diver audience is that there aren't a host of boring technical terms. It is plainly written and deserves a place on your bookshelf.



An incredibly exciting and well written book!, May 30, 2011

Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon
Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon is an incredibly exciting book! I could hardly put it down once I opened it up. I had a rough week at work due to three nights in a row staying up late reading Capt. Syd Jones' recollections of his search for, and salvage of, the fabled galleons Nuestra Senora de Atocha & Santa Margarita.

I own hundreds of books on the topics of shipwreck salvage, marine archaeology, treasure hunting and maritime adventure and this new book by Syd is definitely one of my top five. As a professional shipwreck salvor myself, I can tell you that Syd did an outstanding job describing what the working conditions are like in our business. I only wish I had the success that he enjoyed.

I highly recommend this book. My autographed copy is something I will always treasure.


May 20, 2011
Lee Lauderback

We all long to find lost treasure, but seldom think of the work and sacrifices involved to make such dreams come true. Syd's adventures bring to life just how much work, both physical and mental, it takes to secure success in finding real treasure. Syd Jones does an excellent job in relating the early attempts of Spain to locate their lost treasures of gold and silver and draws a unique parallel to their challenges. Like a complex puzzle, the pieces begin to show a picture of the crew of the Atocha, their fight to keep their ship afloat and exactly where they lost to mother nature.

The efforts of the crew, their personal sacrifices, the long dark sleepless nights fighting off logic of an easier life with predictable paychecks, all come into play and make the discovery of the Atocha even more special to the reader. Find the treasure through the eyes of the divers and their sacrifices. This book will take you there!



May 14, 2011
By G. Meyers (hawaii)

Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon (Kindle Edition)
I've just downloaded the published version on my Kindle. I was priveleged to read Syd's manuscript in its raw form before it went to editing. It was like looking at rich gold ore imbedded in quartz crystal. What a happy moment then to get the long-awaited news from Syd and his wife, KT, that his book had hit the market. This first-person account of a treasure hunt will set the baseline by which all others of the genre will be measured. Mel Fisher earned his sobriquets as dreamer and visionary but he can be also justifiably called the world's greatest treasure hunter. Mel's focus and determination--he recharged his team each day with his words, "Today's the day!--searching for the elusive Spanish treasure-laden galleon can be compared to Howard Carter's search for King Tut's tomb.
From the inside, as a diver and boat captain working for Mel, Syd tells the complete story of the team's quest. He paints vivid pictures of the principal characters; he describes the incredible highs and tragic lows of the rocky journey; and then comes the day he describes that Mel had been predicting for sixteen years--July 20th, 1985. In the early afternoon, the radio crackled in Mel's office, "Put away the charts; we've found the mother lode!" But as Syd recounts in rich detail, that wasn't the end of the story; it was only the beginning of the toughest part of all.
For every reader whose heart quickens when reading about searches for lost treasure, I can assure you that "Atocha Treasure Adventures: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon" will be a page turner.



Apr. 20, 2011
By captran7

It is my privilege to write the first review on this great piece of work. Captain Syd Jones has captured the essence of the struggles and victories of the search for the Atocha and Margarita shipwrecks. The book is fact driven, recounting the myriad of twists and turns that presented themselves to the Captains and crews of the salvage vessels that performed the nearly impossible task of locating the artifacts and treasures of the doomed 1622 fleet. On the other hand, Syd's philosophical side brings out the deep impressions he experienced during his eighteen year tenure with Treasure Salvors. His analogies are incredible, and his descriptions are spot on. I spent three years on the project. Finally someone has truly recorded what actually went on, and how tasks were done. I learned so much that I didn't know about you, and the very operation I worked for! Kudo's to you Captain Syd. You nailed it. I still love the smell of diesel in the morning. Randy Barnhouse



Apr. 29, 2011
By charlie

Once in a lifetime an adventure comes along that make a very small part of your life stand out and shine. I spent three years ( 75 – 78 ) working with Treasure Salvors . The stories and details recounted by Syd brought back a flood of memories. It didn’t matter whether you were the guy filling air tanks or the diver finding a gold bar, if you were a small part of this incredible adventure it changed your life. Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon will thrill most arm chair adventures and put a smile on the face of those that lived the life. This book is a weekend vacation to a most impressive adventure.



Jun. 29, 2011
By Alan B. Sadwin

A must-read book for anybody interested in the search for, location, and salvage of the Spanish treasure galleons, Atocha and Santa Margarita. The author, Captain Syd Jones, was a member of the Fisher expedition team for the most of the period from 1979 to 1997, and is one of only two people who were on-site for the discovery of the main treasure piles of both galleons.

Captain Jones has the ability to describe people, places, and events in a way that the reader forms a strong visual image of what is being described. In many cases, a photograph is provided to reinforce that image. Maps also are provided to show the reader the artifact trails left by the wrecked galleons.

A basic history of the loss of the two galleons is also provided, explaining the significance of the loss and the efforts the Spanish made to recover the badly needed treasure.

This book is both well written and well edited. I believe it to be one of the most readable books available on this particular treasure search. I suspect that the Captain’s wife, KT Budde-Jones, who is also a licensed captain and a member of the recovery team, contributed to the effort.



Captain Syd Jones




Captain KT Budde-Jones




Captain Syd Jones




Captain KT Budde-Jones




Captain Syd Jones




Captain KT Budde-Jones